Dawn of Titans- Basic Tips And Tricks To Enhance Gameplay

Dawn of Titans– Basic Tips And Tricks To Enhance Gameplay

Are you looking for the best multiplayer RTS genre game?  It is true that virtual reality games have become the part of our life in order to enjoy in the leisure time.  Over billions of games have been launched till now and hundreds of thousands virtual world is in development.  Similarly, Dawn of Titans is one of the trending RTS genre games, which offer ultimate elements and innovative combat tactics in order to taste the epic battles in the game.  In this game, users have to commence war against other players with the support of the various sorts of troops.  You will gain rewards in the form of in-game resources such as gold, food, stones, relics and much more stuff, which will help the gamers to build a powerful defense. 

However, it is a daunting task and many players are facing trouble in order to accomplish a variety of goals set in the game.  To add up more flavors, developers offer daily mission or events, which users have to complete to construct the unbreakable defense to defeat the enemy.  Log in daily and attain some amount of profit in the form of gold and food.  Gold coins are the primary currency in the game and food is more important than other in-game resources.  As we know, users need an army to fight in the war and to regenerate the energy to combat; you need to feed the troops various sorts of food.

How To Produce Food Resources in Dawn of Titans?

There are several ways to attain in-game resources in the game according to the mechanism set by the creators.  If you playing the game for the first time, then you might be confusing to generate the in-game stuff without facing too many complications.  Read the following tips and tricks in order to gain food, gold, stones as well as relics with ease.

•                          Food:  It is the only source, which supports the user’s army to fight with full force.  Developers have added food resources in the game feel the gameplay more realistic.  Gamers have to feed the army to dominate the war.  However, some players are unaware of the production process and due to this, unable to enhance the level of the game.  Users have to fabricate the farms for the production of the food. 

•                          Gold:  This is premium currency in the game, which allows the users to purchase the items in the game in exchange for gold coins.  Also to obtain the in-game currencies, gamers have to participate in the war or PvP battles and gain victory to earn an enormous amount of gold coins. 

•                          Relics: To enhance the damage of the attack, developers have added relic’s special move, which supports the players to win the war with ease.  Not only damage booster, but it also helps the users to decrease the damage caused by the opponent during the battle.

In addition, if you still unable to attain these resources through this normal mechanism.  So, there are more options also added by developers to encourage the gamer to play with Dawn Of Titans Cheats.  First of all, you can spend the real money in the game in order to convert it into the in-game resources.  But, this method consumes too much cash and if the users utilize the transformed amount recklessly, then there is no way to reach the next level conveniently.  Another one is allocating the generator tools or private servers mod to gain success in the game.  In these applications, users will attain the infinite amount of resources, which you can use in order to dominate the game without facing any sorts of hassles. 

Automatic Elements

There are various sorts of features available in the game and the most interesting feature, which is loved by hundreds of thousands of user i.e. auto-select troop’s option.  With the enhancing fame of game, tons of gamers have joined the platform at the present time, in which many players play the game only to commence combat.  That’s why by utilizing the automatic war option leads the gamers to begin the battle with ease.  You can also trust this feature because it will cook the best army to attain victory on the battlefield.  So, don’t wait, just allocate this awesome feature to become a top player.

Cognize How to Double the number of Credits in WWE Supercard Conveniently

Cognize How to Double the number of Credits in WWE Supercard Conveniently

The craze of the WWE Supercard game is enhancing dramatically and hundreds of thousands of users are enjoying the game in the spare time.  It is published by the 2K Games and developed by the Cat Daddy Games for both Android as well as iOS platforms.  You can attain the WWE Supercard game according to the comfort level in order to get entertained.   To make the game more interesting, the creators of the game allow the users to participate in the different sorts of modes with the support of the various wrestler cards.  Try to collect the better in-game player cards by applyng WWE Supercard Hack to win the numerous free gifts and rewards.

Furthermore, there are lots of users have joined the game and playing it actively.  For survival, players are required to earn the in-game resources, which are available in the form of credits and energy.  But it is not an easy task in the game.  Most of the experienced players are still struggling to reach the top level of the game. However, if you are just a beginner and playing the game for the first time, then check out enough relevant information regarding the WWE Supercard game. 

·        Wrestler Cards:  There are tons of cards available in the game, which you can obtain by defeating the enemy in the several modes.  The cards are divided into some categories such as common cards, divas cards, support card and lastly rare cards.  Try to give your best shop to attain these sorts of cards in order to make a better deck according to the level of current tiers.

·        Credits:  This is the currency of the game, which allows the users to earn some in-game stuff by spending it.  It also helps in the enhancing the level of the cards.  Why do we need to upgrade the level of wrestler cards?  Well, with the enhancement in the level of tier leads the users to fight with the better AI players.  So, in order to match their abilities, you need to enhance the level of the cards.  Allocate the credits in the perfect manner and become the ultimate player from all over the world without facing too many hurdles.

On the whole, these are some important information regarding the WWE Supercard game stuff for iPhone platform, which you need to learn appropriately in order to dominate the game in the right manner.

What Makes The Episode – Choose Your Story Different?

What Makes The Episode – Choose Your Story Different?

An introduction

The games are introduced by several IT companies. The Episode Interactive launches a unique creation in form of a game. Name of the creation is Episode – Choose Your Story. It is developed by adding thousands of pre-written stories.

In the game, players can read them or become an important part of these stories by accessing them. You can become its part by playing the complete story on the behalf of main character. By it, you can feel that all things are happening with you in reality.

With it, the passes and gems are playing role as the two currencies. The gems are the premium currency and passes are the primary currency. The collection of both ones is not an easy task thus making it imperative to use Episode Hack. It is completely based on the players’ efforts and in-app purchase offers.

Take decision wisely

While playing the game, players are required to make different types of decisions. All decisions are related to the progress of story. It will appear in front of you in form of questions. All questions having two options related to the situation.

Both options are the nearly possible activities or actions taken by the players. The answer which is given by the players is affecting the complete situation of the story. Mainly you can see a big difference between both options. You should choose the best one wisely.

Another thing for which you need to take decisions carefully is the currency. The major part of the game is depending on the level of resources available in your account and for what kind things you are spending it. These two things can completely change the game or its results.

Be the creator

Most of the players are enjoying the pre-defined stories and trying to get entertained by them. Some players are not interested in the existing ones. According to these individuals, these itunes stories are not impressive or having proper elements.

If you are one of them then you should choose the option or feature of creating a story. By it, you can write own story which includes numerous things. There is a big benefit available to it. Your story is read or played by numerous players.

It means in case the story is written or designed in a proper way then the writer becomes famous. The players should utilize the opportunity and try to give their best performance. Before start creating a story, players need to select a genre from numerous ones those provided by the game.

Social feature

The game is including some interesting features by which the players are able to get details related to the profile of other players. With it, the players can know which of type of stories loved by that particular player.

In this way, players are able to play or read the same type of stories in the game. You can check out the profile of any player who is available around the world. By it, you can get a help in getting success in game easily.

All You Need To Know About Dream League Soccer

All You Need To Know About Dream League Soccer

Are you a die-hard fan of football? Well, there are countless people present who love to play this popular sports game. There are many game development studios present that are introducing different games based on various sports games. If we talk about the top best developments of the First touch then the name of Dream League Soccer can’t be ignored. This is one of the most played games and also played by millions of game lovers from all over the world. You can play this game on Android as well as iOS devices and enjoy its different gameplay elements with your friends and siblings too. People who are going to play this game for the first time should learn the pure basics. With the help of this, it becomes easy for them to play the game in a trouble-free way and also to enjoy its various features.

About the game

There are lots of tasks which players should complete in order to play the game. The most important task which players should do is to build up the best team with the help of adding new players as well as by training the team. Players should also upgrade the players of their team and also to upgrade the stadiums. With the help of this, they can play as well as win matches to earn rewards and in-game resources. There are plenty of special tasks present that will surely make you addicted to the game.  Most of the football lovers are playing this game on their Smartphone whenever they want and also as according to their desire. Players also have an option to start playing on training mode which is the good option to improve skills and also to learn new techniques of playing the game.

All about currencies

Do you want to know about the currencies of this game? Well, coins are the main currency of this game that players can earn in numerous ways and also spend it to complete different challenges and tasks. This currency is also playing an imperative role which players can use to buy new players in the transfer market and also train the team players. If you want to earn coins then you have to focus on the matches to win. There are several achievements present in the game that players should complete in order to earn loads of coins. With the help of these coins, players can easily play the game and also level up quickly and also without facing lots of tribulations by trying Dream League Soccer Hack 2018. There are many other tasks and challenges present which players should complete to load their game account with endless in-game resources.

In addition, players can also earn coins after connecting the game to their social networking sites. There are some advertisements videos also present that players can watch to earn resources without making efforts. With the help of watching each video, players can earn up to 30 coins. Tournaments are also the best options present in which players can take part to earn good amount of coins.

Transfer market

There are many gameplay elements that players can enjoy while playing the game. When this comes the most amazing gameplay elements then the name that comes to the mind is transfer market. This is one of the places where gamers can sell or buy different kinds of players. You have also an option to sell the players of your team at high rates. Players should always try to sell or buy players wisely otherwise they can also fall into a troublesome situation. Before going to sell players, you should always take their skills into consideration which helps you to make a right decision. With the help of enough coins, you can easily buy the best players for your team to make it stronger which helps them to compete against the opponents in an effective manner. 

Moving further, there are many other things which you should know about this game in order to enhance your knowledge. You should also follow some effective tips and tricks that will surely help you to earn loads of coins and other resources to make progress easily. This is also beneficial for the players to make their game experience more interesting.




Rules Of Survival – Get Entertainment With Action

Rules Of Survival – Get Entertainment With Action

An introduction

Most of the individuals are considering the way of games. If we talk about the young players then many game lovers are considering the way of action-based games. When it comes to action games then the name of Rules of Survival appears at the top.

The game is based on an interesting fact which is related to the survival. At once you start playing it after that it finishes with the elimination of other 119 players. According to the game, a player is available on an island with other 119 players.

All players are putting their whole efforts for surviving and become the winner. The winner or last man standing will receive the victory reward. The reward is including lots of game stuff which can help you in upgrading the character’s ability.

Basic things

While playing the game, players are required to pay attention to lots of things. All players are required to provide first preference to the HP (health points) and survival. In case, you get success in saving the health points and regularly causing damage to other players then you definitely win the game.

It becomes possible by taking decision wisely and by paying attention to numerous facts. The most important thing on which you need to pay attention is related to the equipment those used by a player to survive easily.

There are different types of things or items are categorized into the category of equipment like- headgear. It is a kind of helmet which provides protection to player from opponent’s attack. The players are able to upgrade it to improve its efficiency and providing lots of safety to the player.

The second one is covering the chest, stomach and back area of the body. It is also providing safety to the players. It reduces the effect or level damage which opponents want to cause.

These are two major examples of the equipment those provided by the game. With the help of these things, players are able to avoid lots of unfavourable situations easily. All types are equipment available with the option of an upgrade.

Upgrade the equipment

If you are upgrading these ones properly then efficiency gets improved and you can dominate the opponents without any type of issue. To upgrade the equipment, players are required to spend a huge amount of game currency.

The collection of game currency is not an easy task. For making it easier or collect a huge amount of game currency quickly, players are considering the different types of ways. Some are considering the in-app purchases and some are trying to gather it by putting efforts.

The way of in-app purchases is not chosen by all types of players. The main reason behind this particular one is the use of real money. The in-app purchase offers are able to provide currency but for it, players need to pay hard earned money by getting Rules Of Survival Hack.

Things to consider

In the beginning of the game when you land at that time you do not have any type of gear or equipment. Here, the players are required to find the essentials (protecting gears and backpack) first as compared to other stuff.

These things are beneficial in holding lots of supplies and start journey of surviving in an effective manner. The supplies are helpful in surviving and maintaining a good level of health every time.

It is not possible that when you want supplies then these things available in the surroundings. The players are required to store them in backpack for the emergencies. Here the storing capacity of a backpack is playing a significant role which you can increase by upgrading it. 

Let’s Know About Gangstar Vegas

Let’s Know About Gangstar Vegas

You may get amazed after knowing the fact that Gangstar Vegas created by gameloft is an interesting  which is not only about action but also includes racing, fighting and much more exciting gameplay elements. This game is loved by millions of people due to its amazing storyline and features.

Players just need to download the game to play it instantly and also to enjoy its different modes. The game character of the player has to enter into a city with the goal to become a good MMA fighter. Well, this is not enough which players can do, they also have lots of other missions to complete and also to experience unlimited fun. By completing missions and daily challenges, players can earn resources and move to the next stages of the game to have more fun.

More about gameplay

Players of this game can use different kinds of weapons such as rifles, submachine, guns, heavy guns etc. for buying or to acquire these weapons, players have to pay lots of in-game currency. This is the reason that players should earn resources first in order to enjoy every gameplay element in the game. Without having proper resources, they can’t buy desired weapons from the game store which also allow them to take their benefits while taking part in battles and fights. In this way, they can also defeat their opponents by using the most powerful weapons which will help them to earn plenty of rewards and currencies in the game. They should also know about the different kinds of other elements of the game in order to improve their knowledge by trying Gangstar Vegas Hack 2018.

Moreover, players also have an option to play the game in their desired mode. they can take part in car races, MMA fights, zombie battles and much more. there are many events present and you should join them to beat other competitors.